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Strategy and Implementation Summary

1. Emphasize service and support.

2. Build a relationship-oriented business.

3. Focus on bigger companies for our main source of income and help smaller companies get bigger.

4. Differentiate and fulfill the promise. We need to make sure we have the knowledge and  service-intensive business we claim to have.

 Our goal at 3D-Machine, Inc. is to take years of machining, programming and product development experience and develop a machining and engineering resource for customers who demand total quality.

Our team has been a part of the machining process from the supplier development and satisfaction to final shipment of the product. Most importantly, all of our team has started out as manual machinists and continued to improve our skills to become CNC machinists, programmers and product development consultants.

With our combined knowledge, hands-on and management experience, we aspire to build an organized company that has a competitive edge with any company in the machining industry. Our costs will be lower, our customer satisfaction higher and our sales will continue to grow.


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